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34. Candy Barone shares how to get clarity in your life and business, so you can build a super successful business and impact the world.

Candy Barone is known as the “Pull-No-Punches” accountability powerhouse. She helps others say YES to themselves, while destroying the NOISE getting in their way.

Passion Play:

My passion is my job. I like to help Business Managers and Business Entrepreneurs in making their goals clear and easy to achieve. So called “Soft Skills” are very important for achieving the positive balance in the Return of Investments’ formula. Leadership is not a gift it is a personal investment!

Fail Forward:

When you own a starting business its financial health is from upmost importance. It is inevitable to meet some hard financial times. But if you are clear about your purposes and beliefs you can recover from the failure for 24 hours! Failures are a great learning opportunity!

Lightbulb Moment:

I will never forget this moment. It was when I said to myself out loud: “I am moving to Austin and starting my own business!”

Success Hack:

Start saying No to the things that don’t serve you. Stop being everybody’s Drop Box. Until you say No, you can never say Yes!

Randomness Round:

What is a daily habit that you do sometime throughout the day that puts you in a great frame of mind? I start my day, every day, with a spiritual walk with my dog.