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16. Colin McGuire shares how he got Daymond John to speak at his mega conference by using "outside the box" marketing strategies.

Colin McGuire has an uncanny ability to get things done. Having founded multiple highly successful companies, he has been featured in Inc., Fast Company, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and Forbes for his incredible drive to help people. In August 2014, he decided that his new goal would be to help over 500 entrepreneurs become happier and more successful people, and he started his own conference to do so. BIZFIT will take place in Chicago, and thanks to Colin, it'll feature some of the biggest names in the entrepreneurial world. Hacker Nation, please welcome Colin McGuire!

Passion Play:

Colin is passionate about helping people in incredible ways. He loves being on teams doing amazing things, and his goal is to help people be happier!

Fail Forward:

After setting his goal to help 500 entrepreneurs, Colin decided that he had to make it happen no matter what. He did everything to reach out to successful entrepreneurs, and when they got on board with his conference idea, Colin knew he was on to something!

Lightbulb Moment:

After trying to create an Uber for contractors, Colin poured a ton of money into what turned out to be a total bust. Thankfully, from this failure, he was inspired to launch BIZFIT, and he's all the more successful because of it!

Success Hack:

Stop sending emails loaded with cliches and jargon. The person you're emailing is a human being, so be unique and provide meaningful messages!

Randomness Round:

Colin believes that relationships are everything, he has an uncanny ability to connect dots that others can't, and he's good at making balloon animals!