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31. Arguably one of the most successful owners in the diamond business, Fred Cuellar shares how to dominate your industry.

Fred Cuellar is the founder of Diamond Cutters International. His clients include former First Lady and President George W. Bush, the Saudi Royal Family, Oprah Winfrey and many, many more. He is also the author of the number one selling book on diamonds in the country, "How to Buy a Diamond."

Passion Play:

Fred believes everybody meets somebody who alters the course of their life; for him, that happened in 1984. He was forced to think about what he was doing in his life, and what was holding him back from doing what he was interested in and passionate about.

Fail Forward:

There was a point in Cuellar’s life where he thought that nothing could go wrong to him, but then it did. Only when he realized that success is not measured by money, but instead by the degree that you satisfy other people’s needs, your needs will be satisfied, did he realize what in life was important.

Lightbulb Moment:

Cuellar stumbled upon a book that ended up being extremely influential in his life. Once he discovered this, he began to understand that creating a solution to a problem that’s already out there is going to help people more than creating a solution to a problem that does not yet exist.

Success Hack:

Cuellar encourages everyone to write down the 10 things that scare you the most.

Randomness Round:

Scott asks Cuellar, "When your life is near the end, what do you want your legacy to be?" Cuellar believes that to love and be loved is why we’re here. If one person can say that Cuellar made their life a little bit better, he’ll be satisfied with.