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4. Shalom Klein teaches how to network like a pro, and even get invited to the White House

Shalom Klein is brilliant networking guru who has dedicated himself to building a better community and helping entrepreneurs make genuine connections. He handles more than most can imagine; he's the VP of Moshe Klein & Associates, the founder of Jewish B2B Networking, and a hero to the Jewish community as a whole. His work has been discussed and referenced on the floor of Congress, and he has been recognized as one of 36 Under 36 entrepreneurs by the Jewish United Fund. Shalom has already done a lifetime of incredible work, but the truly impressive achievement? He's only 25.

Passion Play:

JD does what he does because he realizes that engaging through LinkedIn can be a daunting and challenging process, and helping others break through these barriers is his passion!

Fail Forward:

JD had to deal with a struggling economy that caused him to battle with his entrepreneurial identity, but that didn't stop him!

Lightbulb Moment:

About four months after hanging up his shingle as a LinkedIn consultant, JD received a call from a colleague, who asked how much he charged for his LinkedIn profile writing services. At that instant, JD realized that he had just found his career!

Success Hack:

JD wants you to know that whatever professional goals you may have, they can all be achieved on LinkedIn if you dedicate time whenever you can!

Randomness Round:

JD shares a few great tips, and gives a few answers we've never heard before on Success Hackers!