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11. Joleene Moody shares how to earn money speaking on stage, following your passion

Joleene Moody is a renowned public speaker whose experience as an entrepreneur has taken her across the country, where she shares inspirational and empowering strategies for countless audiences. She focuses on the role fear plays in stunting business growth and personal development, and because of her expertise in this realm, she has helped an unbelievable amount of people chase their dreams and live a more fulfilled life. She's an author, a speaker, a public figure, and most importantly, a success hacker.

Passion Play:

Joleene knows that once we realize that we love something, we have to be willing to shatter the norm and let that passion grow. Everything changes when you stand out and move forward!

Fail Forward:

Joleene's early mentor was the worst possible fit for her, and she realized that she had to end their professional relationship. Thankfully, she learned that you can't coach with aggression!

Lightbulb Moment:

When Joleene put on her own event for the first time, she managed to close $45,000 in sales, at which point she realized that her audience genuinely believe in her and began to reach out to her!

Success Hack:

Never be afraid to ask! If you want something from someone, reach out to that person ask ask them for a moment of their time!

Randomness Round:

Joleene writes 3-6 pages in her journal every morning, she wants to be remembered for being incredibly brave, and she's a fantastic singer as well!