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9. Leah Caplanis beat cancer and is now on a mission to create the world's most health conscious alcoholic beverage.

After fighting and defeating thyroid cancer, Leah Caplanis wanted to drink an alcoholic beverage that was aimed at health-conscious individuals. She decided to create Social Enjoyments, which does exactly that - with full nutritional content on the label and with just 88 calories per can, Social Enjoyments allows people to enjoy drinking while maintaining health and wellness goals.

Passion Play:

Leah believes that passion is the key to success, thanks to the relationship it builds between a person and the world. She is highly passionate about charity as well, donating a portion of profits to different programs!

Fail Forward:

Leah has previously tried to start a business, but they never went anywhere. However, she took the experience she gained from those instances and applied them to her new successful startup!

Lightbulb Moment:

After walking into a liquor store and seeing how few options existed for health-conscious individuals, Leah realized that there is an entire market for healthier drinks just waiting to be built!

Success Hack:

Leah's success hack is simple: find someone successful and learn from them. The easiest way to do this? Just get out there, network, and talk to people!

Randomness Round:

Leah is consistently grateful for the little things in life, and she's a pretty darn good singer, too!