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27. From being on top of the world, to almost losing everything, Ricky Hirsch shares how he's about to take the beef jerky business by storm

Ricky Hirsch is the Founder and CEO of Think Jerky, the first healthy jerk company to use sustainably raised proteins with restaurant quality ingredients. All products are FDA approved and made with interesting ingredients, such as orange peel and honey.

Passion Play:

Most of Ricky’s career has been in sales and finance, but he knew he always wanted to do something more creative. Ricky wanted to create a modern day jerky that was healthy and changed the way people look at a typically unhealthy food.

Fail Forward:

Ricky bought his first company when he was 24 years old. It was doing great for many years, until they went out of business in 2008. He told himself he would never start a business again, but with wise words from his father, he continued on and has started 3 other businesses since.

Lightbulb Moment:

When Ricky first started his business, no one believed in his idea, but once everyone saw his vision play out, they all wanted to be on board. When Ricky saw this, he knew he was on the right track.

Success Hack:

Start. Ricky believes there are always opportunities; always chances to keep going. No matter what, he urges people to look at themselves, figure out what they want, how to get it, and take action based on that.

Randomness Round:

Find out what Ricky wants his legacy to be!