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17. After a failed business with future Hall of Famer Brett Favre, Robert found success and now teaches Entrepreneurs how to have a successful business and lead a life on purpose

As a network and relationship builder, Robert Ricciardelli has amassed a massive dedicated following that spans multiple continents. As the host of Converging Zone, Robert has the opportunity to share incredible stories and entrepreneurial advice, empowering others to live more fulfilling lives. He has worked with some of the top minds in business, and Choose Growth, his company, has flourished because of it. Hacker Nation, please welcome Robert Ricciardelli!

Passion Play:

Robert sees passion as the driving force behind any good business. Without it, innovation and creativity are lacking, and everyone suffers because of it.

Fail Forward:

Early on, Robert felt blessed that he had the chance to serve people at their point of need, and he knew that service - not sales - was his true calling!

Lightbulb Moment:

After leaving a lucrative job to chase a dream job with Brett Favre, Robert invested his retirement savings into the business, and the people at the helm of the business drove it straight into the ground. Robert realized that he could embark on a new journey and took the chance!

Success Hack:

Stay authentic and be real! Surround yourself with genuine people who feel the same way, and you'll see how helpful Robert's advice can be!

Randomness Round:

Robert loves to serve others, he takes time each day to be grateful, and he's not a bad dancer either!