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12. Sam Crowley used to be a corporate slave, now every day is Saturday.

As the creator of the world's fastest growing personal development site, Sam Crowley has grown into one of the most sought-after speakers in the world. His incredible entrepreneurial journey has taken him to places he never dreamed of, and he documented every step so others can learn and follow his advice. He has helped countless people across the world, he has been featured on programs in numerous countries, and his success as a published author has driven him to be the best. Please give a huge Hacker Nation welcome to Sam Crowley!

Passion Play:

Passion is a mindset, and one of the best choices Sam ever made was to surround himself with great people! Also, never forget that even millionaires like to have a cup of coffee bought for them!

Fail Forward:

When approached by someone for a speaking gig, Sam went, no questions asked. When not a single person showed up, he learned how valuable his time is and to pre-qualify everyone before accepting a gig!

Lightbulb Moment:

When a promoter called and asked if he'd speak in front of 1,500 people for four hours, Sam accepted and gave an incredible performance. From there, he realized that he was doing exactly what he loved!

Success Hack:

Sam gives Hacker Nation two success hacks - first, reach out to authors who've written books on topics you're interested in and find a way to help promote them! You'll build incredible connections as you do this! Second, embrace the joint venture!

Randomness Round:

Sam does 40 minutes of jump rope every day, he doesn't worry about what other people think, and he can belt an incredible Sinatra tune, but only when he's in the shower!