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37. After surviving a fatal car crash that left him paralyzed, Sam Morris now teaches and coaches individuals to use the power of their mind to achieve ultimate greatness.

Sam Morris is the founder of Zen Warrior Training,  a coaching system which helps people to conquer life’s challenges through a state of inner peace and focused awareness.

Passion Play:

To not let my body and spirit fall apart. For me, meditation is a place of total inspiration and presence, where I can get all of my mental baggage out of the system. I am a practitioner of Zen – which means being aware of the present moment without judgement.

Fail Forward:

The most important things in life are the things you are not able to purchase and you don’t need to have a certain standard of life to enjoy them. My life has changed in a car accident, since then I have redefined the things that have high priority in my life.

Lightbulb Moment:

It is inevitable to have such a moment after surviving a serious accident and returning back to the active life. The hospital days had a very deep influence on my approach to the life. I learned to focus on my tasks and appreciate every moment I am alive.

Success Hack:

Try to establish a natural and sincere relation with your clients. Respect and trust come before the service bill! Organic networking will definitely increase your clients.

Randomness Round:

What is a daily habit that you do sometime throughout the day that puts you in a great frame of mind? Meditation and breathing exercises are the keys to my success in too many ways.