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28. 4x best selling author, T. Allen Hanes explains how you can become a best selling author, and get recognized across media outlets.

T. Allen Hanes is the President of T. Allen Hanes & Associates and is also a four time international best selling author. Together, T and his team have created over 200 best selling authors to date! His work can be seen in CNN, Fox, NBC, Forbes and many other authority spaces.

Passion Play:

Hanes has had an entrepreneurial spirit since the beginning. The feeling Hanes felt when he published his first book lead him to realize that this is what really exhilarated and excited him.

Fail Forward:

At one point, T opened a business that ultimately failed. This was not the last time this happened either. However, learning to overcome obstacles like this have only contributed to Hanes’ success in the business world.

Lightbulb Moment:

T reached a moment in his life where he realized you don’t need to write the same way as everyone else in order to be a success. Knowing that he had a product that could benefit others who were in the same situation as he had been really motivated him to being selling that product and helping out others.

Success Hack:

Use LinkedIn. Position yourself as a thought leader to your following. This is something that you can start today that will only contribute to your success.

Randomness Round:

Best advice he’s ever received? "It’s never as bad as it seems." The one trait that he has that’s contributed most to his success? Tenacity.