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36. Teresa de Grosbois shares how you can become more Influential in your business with this simple strategy.

Teresa de Grosbois is an International speaker, trainer and best-selling author.  Her  book,  Mass Influence hit  #1 international bestseller status in North America and Europe on the same day it launched.  She shares that becoming more influential is not as hard as you may think

Passion Play:

Renovating everything in my life. After a very hard year, long time ago, I started to be more serious about my health, life and business. Success comes after you get clear about your passion…

Fail Forward:

I fail frequently, but I pick myself up rapidly and keep moving forward. I think that this is one of the key factors in highly successful people. It is not that they don’t fail, it is that they can pass through their failure quickly.

Lightbulb Moment:

It happened when we were having coffee with one of my best friends, who is a professional speaker, and I was complaining about my heavy work schedule. She told me “Stop worrying, you like your job, you get pleasure when you work, so you should be happy to have a lot of work to do… Learn to see only the good sides of your work!”

Success Hack:

You can get influential by being influenced from other people. Surround yourself with successful and influential people.

Randomness Round:

What is a daily habit that you do sometime throughout the day that puts you in a great frame of mind? I walk out and read in my garden. I am a nature lover.