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32. Thomas Blackwell shares (3) strategies all entrepreneurs need to know, and how to get a multi-millionaire to be your mentor

Thomas Blackwell travels the world as a high demand speaker.    He shares the stage with personalities such as Steve Harvey, Zig Ziglar Inc, and Rudy. He is a successful entrepreneur having owned and operated a multi-million dollar insurance business.  

Passion Play:

The formula of Success has three parts: Sincerity, Genuine Interest, Enthusiasm. These are the traits of successful people that I copy.

Fail Forward:

I have a rule: If people want to do business with me I ask them for the number of their fails. If they say ‘so many’ then I ask them to share their stories with me.

Lightbulb Moment:

A month before a company event I had only $87. Just changing my focus and decisions earned me $124 000 for the next four months.

Success Hack:

How many times are you "following up" with your prospects is in direct correlation to how successful you are....

Randomness Round:

Best advice you have ever received? Read a book a month.