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22. Entrepreneur Magazine ranked LaSalle Network as one of the fastest growing companies. Learn how founder Tom Gimbel did it.

Tom Gimbel is the founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, a Chicago based staffing and recruiting firm. Since LaSalle Network was started, it has won over 40 cultural and revenue-based awards. LaSalle Network has been ranked as one of the top five staffing firms to work for in the country by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Passion Play:

He wants to provide an environment where you enjoy going to work. Where the people are motivated. Where they are happy to be there. Find out Tom's two essentials for creating an inviting workplace!

Fail Forward:

In the first six or seven months, Tom had a difficult time gaining traction. He had only two employees, both imperative to the business, however, one quit on him, presenting him with a significant obstacle.

Lightbulb Moment:

In 2001, Entrepreneur Magazine named LaSalle Network as one of the hot 100 list of fastest growing companies!

Success Hack:

Tim urges people to reacquaint with people from the past, present and future prospects. Initiate the dialogue and reach out to that person because past relationships will lead to future business success.

Randomness Round:

The daily habit Tom does some time throughout the day? Drinking a can of carbonated water. This puts him in a great frame of mind and prepares him for whatever he may need to tackle.