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35. Adam Ochstein talks about he almost couldn't make payroll, to creating the best employee lifecycle management firm in the USA

Adam Ochstein owns StratEx, one of the most successful HR software automation companies in the industry.  Learn his key strategy on how his company continues to have multiple growth year over year.

Passion Play:

I get my energy from the people I work with. We feed off each other. Our success makes us passionate in our job. The positive energy in my business encourages us to work more and offer a high-quality product.

Fail Forward:

It is true that successful people look at the failure differently. What a better lesson than a good failure? In my case, it happened in the first months of my business activity. After having spent a lot of money on development, suddenly, I realized that our cash is over – and I had to pay for developers, HR, consultants and so on. Hopefully, there were people who trusted, encouraged and supported us in this moment. Now we are wiser and thankful!

Lightbulb Moment:

Working with a big client and his HR people who were almost frustrated from the administrative overload, I realized the idea to develop and offer an automated software product to ease the life of HR guys. Today, years ago, my idea is a successful product!

Success Hack:

Be good in the business you are doing. Be clear about your strong and weak sides…

Randomness Round:

Best advice you have every received? Unless there is a real reason to say no, agree to say yes.