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26. Bonfire Wines is disrupting the wine industry. Founder Eric Steigelman shares strategies to create a business based on passion.

Eric Steigelman is the CEO and Founder of Bonfire Wines. His passion lies with promoting clean water distributing, and in 2014 he developed the world's first water vest.

Passion Play:

Eric's professional background is in packaging, engineering and design. For three years, Eric was sitting in a cubicle, and when he wasn't at the office, he was up in the air traveling almost 50,000 miles a year. He finally reached a point where he wanted to take control of his life and go all in.

Fail Forward:

After about a year, Eric realized he wasn't able to handle everything himself. He had to learn the hard way that you often need to ask for help, even when you'd prefer not to.

Lightbulb Moment:

Eric reached the point where he was buying wine for dinner parties and judging a bottle by brand or by label. His background in this field switched the light bulb on for him that this is the industry he wanted to be in.

Success Hack:

Eric recognized his failure, and looked to add a counterpart to his business; someone who knew how to answer the questions that he wasn't able to answer.

Randomness Round:

Eric's number one trait that's contributed to his success? Resourcefulness. His hidden talent? He's a musician!