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2. Two Time Best Selling Author and Best Personal Financial Expert, Josh Felber shares how to think bigger about your business

Josh Felber is a well-known and highly successful entrepreneur who has challenged himself and those around him to be the best. His many successful business ventures span a plethora of markets, earning him multiple entrepreneurial awards from highly prestigious sources.

Passion Play:

Josh wanted a Commodore Media Computer when he was 14 and started a business to receive a discount, at which point he realized that he could use his status to sell products and help other entrepreneurs.

Fail Forward:

After opening a large CrossFit gym, an employee took his ideas and opened a branch across the street, making Josh realize the importance of having a great team.

Lightbulb Moment:

Josh's recent lightbulb moment was inspired by frustration with low-quality nutritional supplements. He made his own, and the rest is history!

Success Hack:

Be relentless in what you do. Overnight success simply doesn't exist, so work hard to develop your passion into a reality!

Randomness Round:

Josh reveals some surprising facts about himself and gives us some more excellent advice!