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19. America's Business Health Expert, Keith Aichele shares the (1) reason most businesses fail w/in 3 years

As the founder and CEO of Misaic, Keith Aichele teaches business owners how to be successful. His approach is innovative, and Keith has even been asked to be a mentor at the top five nationally ranked universities in the world. Keith owns Angel Investment Company, and he partners with many entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into success!

Passion Play:

Entrepreneurs must live by passion. Persistence is the key to success, but passion allows you to persist. Passion is needed at the root of all businesses or you will not get by the roadblocks all businesses encounter.

Fail Forward:

Keith realized his first fleet of companies created the success of Misaic. The company was growing so fast, that their competition tried to sue and shut them down, but they couldn't. Keith realized he created such a remarkable impact that he scared people.

Lightbulb Moment:

Keith sees failures as learning opportunities. In the early stages of his business, Keith pre-booked hotels and travel arrangements for an event which cost thousands of dollars. When they went to sell tickets, they did not get enough sales to cover the cost. Instead of giving up, his company focused on created a new product offering, refunded the first event, and filled two new events within a week.

Success Hack:

Instead of thinking about money and sales for your business, focus on creating value for your customer. Change your mindset to focus on the customer because without them you would not have a business.

Randomness Round:

Keith looks for the highlight of his day and tries to learn more from others while thinking outside of the box. Aside from being analytical, Keith is artistic and has even produced a couple songs.