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25. After hitting rock bottom with addiction and attempted suicide, Shane Niemeyer shares how to overcome anything, and still be a success in business and life.

Shane Niemeyer, author of autobiography, "The Hurt Artist," joins us on this episode of Success Hackers. His story is a gritty one, but teaches us that even when we hit rock bottom, we must continue to persevere. Steve has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, is a motivational speaker, and a wellness and conditioning coach, helping his clients with both mind and body.

Passion Play:

Shane's past consists of bad decision after bad decision. At one point, he attempted to take his own life, but fortunately failed. It was at this time that Shane reached a pivotal moment.

Fail Forward:

Shane has encountered many rough roads throughout his life, including incarceration and being homeless. Find out how he was able to move forward!

Lightbulb Moment:

Shane stumbled upon some of the fundamental truths of existence; that he was able to do anything with his life that he chose to do. This sparked his formation of a sense of ideal for himself, a sense of who he wanted to become.

Success Hack:

If one of your 70,000 average daily thoughts is negative, implement a new strategy. There are multiple ways, but Shane's suggestion is to use the written word.

Randomness Round:

Do the right things, for the right reasons, all the time.